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Wicks for men

What do you think about men’s wicks? Would you like to try them in the future or are you one of those who would never touch hair color?

Dyes and wicks for men are a subject that continues to generate division of opinions. And that the growing concern for its appearance on the part of men is something that society (or at least a good part of it) already has perfectly assumed.

A controversial style

Men’s wicks are a controversial hair bet, so keep in mind that they will not be liked by everyone (but what is it?). Accordingly, before you throw yourself into the world of male wicks you need a good dose of boldness and, above all, be very sure that they are what you want for your image.

But what men can make wicks? All of them. It should only be borne in mind that wicks often work better in young men, which does not mean that certain men over 40 do not defend them equally well and even better than the younger ones. Naturally, the color chosen for wicks is key when we talk about age. Discretion should be the priority from the age of 40, while young people can afford more eye-catching bets (but only if it matches well with their style). If you dress in a classic way, no matter whether you are young, pink, green or blue wicks are not the best hair option.

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Can men make striking wicks? Of course, and lately we have many examples among celebrities, but it should be noted that the more daring the wicks are, the greater the caution you have to use when launching or not to the change of look. You need to make sure that they will fit your style. But you also have to consider other factors, such as your office dress code. Singers don’t have to think about it, but most mortals do.

It is also necessary to weigh the time to be spent on its maintenance. Generally, your hair becomes drier and brittle, which can add a few extra minutes to your morning routine. Therefore, if you are one of those who do not want to devote a second more than necessary to prepare for going out in the mornings, the wicks are probably not a good idea for you.

What can you expect from men’s wicks

If after all of the above, you are still determined to make a few wicks, then we will delve into the topic a little further to help you get the best possible version.

Mainly, wicks serve to get where a simple haircut can not do it. They help make the change of look much more noticeable. Going into more specific hair issues, it is worth noting that men’s wicks also add texture, depth and even a denser look to your haircut.

Hairstyle ideas

Check out the article: Modern haircuts. Make yourself or not wicks, there you will find lots of ideas for your next haircut.

The process usually takes about an hour and even longer, so arm yourself with patience. On the other hand, and of course, the effect of the wicks is lost as the hair grows, so you will need to go to the barbershop periodically to be retouched. Every three, four, five, six weeks… time can vary greatly depending on your hair.

As far as the price is concerned, you are prepared to pay any amount between 15 and 60 euros. There is no standard price, but this can vary considerably depending on the barber shop chosen, as well as the characteristics of your hair and the type of dye used.

Can they be discrete wicks?

Naturally, they are especially subtle if we compare them with a complete color change. Consequently, it may be interesting to you if you want to try a new hair color but dyeing all your hair seems too extreme a change. Wicks allow you to change the color of your hair in a discreet way.

How to accentuate the discretion of wicks? If you are looking to achieve a result as discreet and natural as possible, make sure that your wicks are not much lighter than your current hair color. Another important advice in this regard is to avoid at all costs too bright dyes. Instead, bet on matte colors. The best wicks are the ones that are barely noticeable.

Final word

Men’s wicks don’t usually leave anyone indifferent. You either love them or you hate them. In any case, changing the color of your hair is a completely respectable decision and (this is very important) that corresponds only to you. So if after reading all the advantages and disadvantages, you are still fully convinced and think that you are going to look more favored with them, go ahead.

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