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Types of tummy

One of the problems that most concerns everyone and that comes to complete us is to have a belly. There are different types of tummy depending on the reasons why they come out. Normally, the tummy starts to grow when we do not take care of our diet because we do not exercise enough. Sedentary life combined with a poor balanced diet in which fats, fast food and carbonated drinks abound, favors the appearance of the tummy.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of tummy and why they appear.

Accumulation of fat in the abdomen

The question we all ask ourselves is why does the tummy appear. Depending on different reasons it is why the tummy appears. Some factors are genetic and it is because of the tendency to accumulate fat in this part of the body. Each body stores fat differently and we have to accept ourselves as we are. If we are one of those people who accumulate fat in the abdomen we must place more emphasis on controlling our diet and exercising frequently. Let’s look at the different types of fats that exist:

  • Subcutaneous fat – is the one that becomes the main cause of the appearance of the michelin. This michelin in the abdomen is subcutaneous fat. It is a type of fat that is deposited under the skin. This is the easiest type of fat to lose. You just need to establish a caloric deficit in the diet steadily over time and perform strength exercise.
  • Visceral fat – it is the most dangerous to health. It is a type of fat that is stored around the internal organs. This type of fat can lead to heart and metabolic diseases. We should remember that WHO does not recommend exceeding 102 cm of abdominal perimeter in men and 88 centimeters in women. However, if you have already exceeded 94 and 80 centimeters in abdominal perimeter respectively, you should be taking your health seriously to reduce these values.

Keep in mind that the speed will cause us to lose fat can not be too accelerated. There are people who want to reduce their fat percentage at too fast a speed. We cannot pretend to remove a fat that we probably have accumulated for years in just a few months. You have to keep track and make an established caloric deficit and maintain it over time.

Foods that affect the different types of tummy

Depending on the type of tummy we have there are some foods that affect more than others when it comes to accumulating fat in the abdomen. To begin with, we need to know something about the nutritional issue. There are some foods that must be kept in mind in the diet and others that we should banish. Having strong and defined abs depends entirely on our fat percentage, apart from the door exercise. No matter how many abs we do in the gym, we’re not developing the famous six pack but we have a low fat percentage.

When we are already more advanced in the gym we need to consider some integrated core exercises. This involves involving the entire abdomen in some strength exercises to get more efficient and attractive abs.

Types of tummy

Let’s see what are the most frequent types of tummy that exist in the average population.

Brewing belly

It is the one that is pronounced and born from the end of the sternum to the lower part of the belly. The name of the brewing belly helps to give clues about its origin, but sometimes appearances deceive. Although this belly is known by this name, it does not have to be so much related to the amount of beer we owe. The cause of the type of belly we are talking about is more related to the tapas that accompany beer. We need to know that when we’re with friends and we go for beers, what we do is order a tapa next to the beer. This pecking is usually based on fatty, fried foods with excess flours and yeasts. These are the perfect ingredients for the appearance of this type of tummy.

All this adds to a sedentary lifestyle and is the trigger for the brewing belly to grow. Beer has empty calories and a percentage of alcohol. This is not good for the organism as it interprets it as a poison. However, on a timely basis a beer does not kill anyone. It should be borne in mind that the healthy rhythm of life must be maintained for a long time. Choose not to spend too much time sitting and choose healthier pecks. The advice given to everyone will reduce the consumption of beer or fizzy and sugary drinks.

Stress belly

It is one of the most pronounced tummy types and have a smaller diameter compared to the previous ones. It usually appears in people who have little time to eat and who are used to visiting fast food restaurants. In this way, they can return their duties and work as soon as possible. They usually eat fast and without chewing well which causes a strange feeling of swelling even without having eaten too much. It is also common for users of this type of tummy to skip some meals so as not to cut their pace of work.

Another reason why the tummy exists due to stress is to infer too many caffeinated drinks, including coca-cola. In this case, it is most advisable to modify the diet drastically. There are many fast food locals that are healthy and is a more beneficial alternative to health. Ideally, you take the necessary time to chew food well. If you can take a little walk before getting back to work much better. This will make you get more energetically back to work and take advantage of time more effectively. Rest is also essential to be able to perform well.

Types of tummy: Barriguita

This tummy is very easy to disguise and can hardly be seen with the naked eye. It is located in the lower abdomen and is a small accumulation of fat. It is usually given in many women who have given birth or in people who do physical activity on a regular basis but have an unvaried and monotonous diet. Here we recommend introducing various strength and art intensity exercises into the workout routine. It is also necessary to give color to the diet by introducing more vegetables and products rich in fiber. This way, you will notice the changes very quickly.

Float belly

It is related to the types of tummy that gradually swell throughout the day. In the morning you start with a relatively flat belly and changes throughout the day. This can be due to digestive problems food concerts or accumulus action of gases. It is interesting to include some probiotic foods in the diet, foods that have fiber and chew very well. Hypopressive services can also help a lot. Posture is necessary to control it.

I hope that with this information you can know more are the different types of belly.

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