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Todd Snyder Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Efortless with retro, utilitarian and athletic touches. This is broadly the autumn/winter 2018-2019 collection that the American firm Todd Snyder presented at New York Fashion Week.

Snyder creates relaxed silhouettes with a variety of garments ranging from clip pants to joggers and other sports pieces manufactured in collaboration with Champion. That makes it a very contemporary collection, but also very rich in textures.

The firm is committed to athleisure-style for next fall. Combine relaxed striped outfits with velvet sweatshirts. Underneath, a dress shirt with a tie.

Turned into the new garment for everything, the sweatshirts are accompanied by both joggers and dress pants.

Snyder shows a predilection for shearling, shiny fabrics and swan neck sweaters. On these lines, a swan-neck swan-neck sweater of yellow color puts a warm accent to a gray wool suit.

This garment also appears under shirts and jackets, in some cases to strengthen the retro vibrations of the looks. But above all, to together with ties, turn the neck of the models into one of the spotlights of the show.

Denim is another key to Todd Snyder’s new collection. Up to two “denim on denim” looks have been seen at the show, as well as several relaxed fit jeans combined with upper pieces such as angora sweaters or floral shirts.

In the section of utilitarianism — one of the strongest trends of 2018 — denim is accompanied by plaid flannel shirts and cargo pants. Plaid and stripes are the only prints in the collection except for the Champion logo on the sweatshirts.

Photos — Vogue

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