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The three pants you need this holiday season

Starting to build a look by the trousers offers great results during the holiday season, and in general, on any day of the year.

We apply this strategy to the three most important Christmas dates (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve) to help you overcome the holiday season with an outstanding in style:

Christmas Eve: Trousers with clips

Mr Porter, 250, 531 and 425€

Not counting company dinners, Christmas Eve represents the first date of the holiday season. A pair of flannel or corduroy pants will help you to be more at the height of the occasion.

Since it is a family dinner, consider combining them with a knitted sweater (round neck, v-neck or fireplace) over a shirt or a T-shirt. For footwear, what works best are sneakers, Brogue shoes and Desierto ankle boots.

Christmas Day: Plain Jeans

Farfetch, 234, 128 and 156€

On Christmas Day, your allies will be slim, tapered and straight leg jeans. You can choose between dark, medium and light blue. Bet on light or dark tones depending on whether you want to emanate more or less casual vibrations.

Add comfortable and stylish items at the top, such as knitted sweaters or shirts with a button-down collar open on top. As for footwear here are the same three options as on Christmas Eve: sports, Brogue or Desert.

New Year’s Eve: Party Pants

Zara, 39.95, 39.95 and 29.95€

If there is a date from the holiday season that asks us to wear our best galas that is New Year’s Eve night. It is the time of Christmas where you park the casual and smart casual and bet clearly on a smart look.

Consider dress pants made of bright fabrics (including velvet) or with side bands, so they don’t disentone with your tuxedo jacket. Underneath you can wear a formal shirt, a swan neck sweater and even a T-shirt. Finish the look with some dress shoes, luxurious loafers or your sharpest leather ankle boots.

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