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The military court

Military cut (hair, not to be confused with clothes) is one of the options you should consider if you want to make a short haircut.

Like many other things that have become part of our daily lives, its origin is in the army. But long ago it ceased to be an exclusive haircut of soldiers. It is now deeply rooted among civilians as well.


The military cut accentuates the factions of the face, especially when it comes to shorter variations. This benefits men with a strong jaw in particular and all who seek to radiate greater masculinity, strength and toughness in general.

If in your profession you value projecting a polished image, betting on a sharp haircut (as is the case with military courts) will help you move in that direction. Formal garments and a well-close shave are other keys, although beards can also work if they are given the necessary care.

Is your style not so much of costumes, but is it more hipster or contemporary? Don’t worry: just take a look at the street to see that the military cut can form a highly stylish tandem with beards, tattoos, piercings and all kinds of casual garments.

Types of military court

Most people associate this haircut with a concrete image (usually very short on the sides and nape with a small portion of hair slightly longer on top), but there is no single type of military cut. There are several types, and they are as follows:

Short on the sides and long at the top

Its unique form is immediately identified with the military world. The nape and sides are cut very short, usually to zero. The upper part is left slightly longer. Unlike other similar haircuts, here the dividing line between both areas should be very high. Or what is the same, you should leave only a small portion of unshaved hair on top.

If you do not want to wear hair so short, consider a classic gradient, where a skillful cutting with scissors by your barber will make the different cutting areas barely noticeable without losing the conical shape. You can stylize the top in numerous ways. In this case, Chris Hemsworth has a studied mess that brings a touch of simplicity and functionality.


All hair is cut short and at the same length. The hair clipper can be passed to zero or use a slightly higher comb. The first option is an excellent idea for men who are losing their hair.

Before making a look change it is good to wonder if it will match well with your facial hair. Usually there is no haircut that matches badly with beards. There are only different effects. In this case, if you combine it with a beard a rather striking contrast is created between the head and face, which increases as the length of the hair decreases and that of the beard increases. This is not a fault, but only a matter of personal preferences. If you look favored, go ahead.


The nape and sides are cut very short, both parts to the same length. The top is left at a length between medium and long, which is why it is the variation you should consider if you want to get a toupee or a bangs.

It is a very popular haircut today, something that films and series have contributed a lot to. Brad Pitt was an impeccable undercut on the war film ‘Fury’, although his best ambassadors are the Peaky Blinders, with Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) in the lead.

The more manageable your hair, the better the undercut will work. You can throw everything back, give it volume or comb it giving it a personal touch, as is the case of the protagonist of ‘Peaky Blinders’, which adds a thick bangs to it. Form a great team with the beards.

side stripe

The side stripe is associated with high-ranking officers. It is a haircut that is often seen on red carpets due to the formality that emanates. Actors like Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio are unconditional side stripe at events where the dress code is Black Tie.

There are different lengths. It can be carried out both with scissors and with hair clippers. The side stripe of Ryan Gosling belongs to the first class, for which all the hair is cut with scissors to the same length. Then there is the gradient with hair clippers, which being shorter is the option you should consider if you want your side stripe to emanate greater military vibrations.

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