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The essentials to shape your beard

Peine para barba

The beards can be enormously flattering, becoming even one of the main attractions of a man. But getting a lustrous beard needs a daily job. And one of the most important tasks is to shape your beard.

Consider including the following products in your daily hygiene routine to keep your facial hair flawlessly styled throughout the day:

Beard Comb


Amazon, €7.99

Whether made of wood or other materials, beard combs are essential to get the most out of your facial hair. Use it before balm to give your beard the desired shape. The combing process also helps to identify strands that need to be cut and evenly distibuir oils through the skin. You can wear it with you to touch up your beard with class at any time.

Beard Balm


Beardbrand, 20.62€

Tea Tree Utility Balm is one of the healthiest beard balms on the market. It will help keep facial hair tamed and in place with ingredients such as mango butter, lanolin, jojoba oil or cocoa butter. This balm is not only amazing to nourish and shape your beard, but you can also apply it to the skin of body and hands to maintain its health and elasticity.

Mustache Wax

Capt. Fawcett’s

Take care of your beard, 10.95€

When a short mustache turns into a medium or long length mustache, products are needed to stylize it. The mustache wax Capt. Fawcett’s will allow you to fix it while giving it a pleasant scent of lavender. Take a pinch, warm it between your thumb and index fingers and spread it through the mustache. Now comb it, giving it the shape you like best. Consider creating two halves and combing them outward to clear the lip.

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