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Do you want to fill your superfoods diet? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right site, because here we bring you a lot of foods that have earned that title because of its composition.

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more people are concerned about getting the recommended daily amount of nutrients, and superfoods can be of great help both to ensure a good dose of nutrients and for a healthier diet.

What are superfoods for?

Let’s start at the beginning: why should you take superfoods? What benefits do they represent for health? Because they help you get more nutrients and in greater quantities, as well as reduce the presence of processed foods (with all its drawbacks), superfoods can protect your body.

Rich in nutrients, these foods contribute to preventing numerous diseases, including cancer, cholesterol and heart disease. They can even make your brain work better, strengthening your memory and concentration and making your mood not decay. Yes, the impact of diet on health is that important, and the chances of many diseases of an individual can be greatly increased or reduced depending on the composition of their diet.

And the best thing is that you just have to head to the nearest supermarket to get as many as you want. In addition, since they are natural foods, all these advantages come without any side effects crouched in their formula.

Superfoods for your diet

Are there superfoods in my diet? They are counted by dozens, which is why it is quite likely that you are already eating some superfoods, especially if you have a healthy and varied diet. Otherwise, improving the presence in your diet of berries, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains and legumes is an excellent start.

But let’s be more specific: what foods deserve to be considered superfoods? There is no doubt that foods such as blueberries, broccoli, oats, spinach, nuts, olive oil, dark chocolate, garlic, turmeric, avocado or green tea are all eligible to be superfoods. But what makes the properties of these foods considered more potent than the rest?


Blueberries are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce the risk of developing numerous diseases. At the time of consuming them, it is enough about half a cup daily. Remember that not by taking more, your benefits will be more noticeable. If you don’t find fresh blueberries in your area, stop by the frozen section. Frozen blueberries are just as good as fresh ones. It is also worth taking into account other berries, such as raspberries, strawberries and currants.

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Drinking tea increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. The most contrasted variety of tea is green, to which research ascribes surprising benefits. Regular consumption of this drink has been linked to a reduction in cholesterol levels and may even help slow the growth of cancer cells. If you prefer black tea, you will also have access to many antioxidants (it is considered to have practically the same as green tea).


Vitamins, minerals, fiber and carotenoids. Those are the credentials of the kale and the rest of dark green leafy vegetables, like spinach. The result? A lower risk of chronic diseases.

dark chocolate

Taking a piece of dark chocolate every day has become one of the fashionable healthy habits. The secret of its success are the antioxidants it provides to the body. Remember that in order to be beneficial the label must indicate that the cocoa content is 60 percent or higher. The reason is that the darker it is, the less sugar it contains.


Kefir has been linked with numerous health benefits, starting with better functioning of the digestive system. It would also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It will be easy to find it in the supermarket, just make sure to read the ingredients so that it does not include too much sugar.

All foods with omega 3

Foods rich in healthy omega 3 fats are good for the heart and for lowering cholesterol. In addition, they could also help fight other health problems, including Alzheimer’s and depression. You can get it through fish such as salmon, sardine or mackerel, as well as flaxseed and nuts.

Final word

Despite the fact that superfoods are interesting, do not forget that it is not necessary to take specific foods to achieve and maintain weight goals, fight diseases and, consequently, live longer. And that’s how nutrition experts remember it.

Apart from superfoods, you can improve the nutritional contribution of your diet by increasing the presence of fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes and healthy omega 3 fats in it. This strategy will allow you to access lots of essential nutrients that will work together to keep your body stronger and healthier.

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