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Perfume according to your personality


For some men, choosing a perfume is a task relatively simple: they try it, like it and ready. For others, it’s not so simple.

After all, employing a fragrance reflects both our personality, and the way we combine garments, how we walk or develop in public.

Fragrances and perfume according to the personality of man

Extroverted men have no drawbacks with sticking out. Its perfume can also stand out well above the rest.

They are interested in intense fragrances, with floral, lavender or citrus elements. In the same way, notes of vanilla combined with wooden aromas will not go unnoticed.


On the contrary, the most introverts want to leave their mark, but no scoring. Discrete fragrances, emanating almost imperceptible, but at the same time unforgettable notes, are those that suit this group.

Always interesting are marine scents, soft and constant, which provide comfort. Perfect balance between simplicity and masculinity.

Spontaneous men, those who live life calmly, but without stopping at anything, very well combine aromas with floral essences.

Sports lovers most of the time reflect an energy and vitality that seem inexhaustible. Consequently, their favorite fragrances are usually built on citrus, with terrarium elements such as moss, pine or sage.

It is necessary to have brands that guarantee durability of the aroma, despite the constant perspiration.

Those who live on romance and passion, combine perfume well with fragrances of Hyacinth, lavender or orange blossom. For those who transmit fire, saffron and black pepper serve to raise temperatures. For the art of seduction, bergamot and plum are two almost inseparable companions.


When looking for an aromatic essence, there is an important detail to keep in mind. A perfume brand should not be selected only because of the smell emanating from someone else. Body scents are like fingerprints: no two are the same.

Sources images: The best.Top/YouTube

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