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Overcoming addictions

Superar las adicciones

Addictions occur in different ways because of dependence on substances, activities or unsatisfied relationships. Before this submission could be addressed by the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and gambling, but there are many factors that can lead to this emotional disease.

Overcoming addictions falls on a big challenge, although any external help involves quite effective discipline. We have to make the effort to recognize your situation and position your state trying to make that change. As a result, with time and effort you will end up entering that spiral and that will be valued as a great personal effort.

Definition and type of addictions

Addiction is a physical and psychoemotional disease where a dependence on substances, some type of activity or relationship with someone is created . All this drags the person to dive compulsively into consumption or activity that will bring him pleasure, without becoming aware that in the long run will drag him into self-destructive behavior.

This person will eventually be able to be consistent with his addiction, but he will have a hard time to part with that dependence and he will surely have already caused some deterioration in his health, social and working life.

There are countless addictions that can occur, although here we collect the most common ones:

  • Addictions of chemical intake: Alcohol, tobacco, drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, sedatives, amphetamines…
  • Intake addictions such as food producing behaviors such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating, by sweets…
  • Conduct addictions: such as gambling, sex, work, dependence on technologies such as internet, mobile dependent consumption, to feel constant attachment to partner relationships, sects, to a relationship…

What consequences result in an addiction

There are several symptoms that can be observed to predict an addiction. Often they occur little by little and together or even their addictive advancement may vary in intensity, which can normally be increasing.

  • As a first symptom we can observe a loss of control over its use.
  • All everyday interests and activities will be eroded. More and more time and energy is being invested in that addictive behavior.
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  • It will come to be created in the environment friendly damage and familyr, can even be damaged even your own personal image.
  • Usually addictions are recognized by the person, but always responds with a neutral negative as it justifies it with his own behavior. That will always lead you to a spiral of your consumption without you being able to get out of it.
  • The person becomes difficult to control their emotions and even has difficulty interpreting feelings towards others. That is why it presents problems at school, at work, in the family and interpersonal environment.

How to overcome addictions

This problem is usually posed as a chronic consequence. It is necessary to resort to treatments with cognitive-behavioral techniques, so that the person learns to control his impulses as it is an uncontrollable desire for his thoughts.

  • Assess the problem and admit that you have it, it is from here when you can decide that you need to make that change. You have to accept reality and become aware that you have an addiction, but you can not try to achieve an improvement.
  • We have to maintain good optimism. Good will and the right push to face the problem shortfalls the results a lot, you have to think that you have not gone crazy and always try to have an open mind. Analyze what has generated this pathology, perhaps it will help you better understand your personal situation.

  • Talk about your problem and seek support. Normally, those who suffer from an addiction becomes withdrawn because they develop a feeling of loneliness and incomprehension, that is why you have to open up to seek support. If there is no one around you, like family members or friends seek professional help.
  • Enter a support group, it is one of the most feasible solutions. Look for these types of groups and you’ll see that you’re not alone, it’s trying to see that there are many people are in the same situation as you. You will learn to listen and share your experience, feel protection, and the tips they can give you help.
  • Follow all the guidelines that have been described to you. If you have attended a group therapy or a professional try to follow the therapeutic recommendations, even if they seem illogical. It is not about following everything to the letter but you can, but follow a routine to all those changes, surely they will be very useful.
  • You have to learn to avoid all the situations that cause the desire to consume. You have to design strategies to avoid it, to do this create positive moments that may be feasible for your health.
  • Psychological treatments at the hands of a professional are very good, but there are also clinical hypnosis techniques, where the unconscious factors that trigger to have that addiction will work.
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