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Navy blue suit

Adding a navy blue suit to your wardrobe will provide you with an unbeatable base on which to build stylish looks both day and night.

The navy blue colour is full of advantages, including that it never goes out of fashion and is well lived up to a variety of occasions. That ‘s why it’s a perfect color to start your costume collection.

How to combine a navy blue suit

A navy blue suit can be combined with many different garments, especially plain and simple breasted ones. Choosing a piece or another to accompany it will depend on what you consider most suitable in each context.


Traje azul marino con chaqueta cruzada


In this way, under the jacket you can put on a smooth, striped or checkered shirt. Sweaters (normal and high neck), polos and t-shirts are the options to consider to make the look less formal. White is the most used, but black, gray and blue are also great ideas.


As for footwear, you can also choose from many of the different styles available depending on the context: shoes (Oxford, Derby, Brogue or loafers), ankle boots (Chelsea or Desert) and even sneakers. The most suitable colors for shoes and ankle boots are black and brown, while in sneakers it is a good idea that white color predominates.


Does the occasion require a tie? Navy blue suits work well with ties of the following colors:

  • Navy Blue
  • Sky
  • Blue

  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Burnt Orange
  • Purple
  • Eggplant
  • Salmon
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Bordeaux

If you prefer prints, consider classics such as Paisley, Houndstooth, Polka Dots, Stripes and Plaid.


Socks depend on your personal preferences. Choose a discreet pair, matching your navy blue suit, to form a conservative look. A contrasting pair (both plain and printed) are perfect if you feel bold and want to add a personal touch to your look. And finally there are the socks invisible if what you would like is to leave your ankles in the air.

Pocket scarves are optional and are usually worn to match the tie. They may be the same color as these, but the best option is that they have some kind of relationship without being entirely identical. Bet on the white color for your pocket handkerchief if you don’t want to take risks.

As for the watch, the important thing is not so much the colors of its different parts as the style of it. Naturally, with a navy (or any other color) suit that works best is a stylish wristwatch.

As with all outfits, dispensing the belt (unless necessary) will help you achieve a cleaner and more elegant look. If you use it, make sure it is the same color as the shoes.

Ideas for looks

The navy blue suit is a highly versatile garment that can be made a huge match. You can form formal looks, as well as wear it with more relaxed pieces. The following are examples to wear it in a formal, smart casual and casual way. And it is best that all these different results can be achieved with a single suit.

Formal look

There are occasions that require suit and tie. That is the case with important business meetings or a wedding, for example. And the navy blue color is undoubtedly a safe bet for the suit.

When it comes to combining it, start by adding a white dress shirt to it. Add a burgundy tie. And finish the look with black Oxford shoes.

Smart casual look

The same navy blue suit will serve to form a great smart casual look, which is the dress code for many offices.

It’s as simple as adding a shirt with a buttoned collar. Sky blue shirts make a great team with navy suits, but it will serve you virtually any color and print. Finish the look with dark brown Brogue shoes.

Casual look

This contemporary style proposal is a good idea when the context allows more relaxed garments. It can work on a variety of occasions, especially after work and on weekends. It is important that the jacket does not have too much structure.

Put on a fine knit sweater or a short-sleeved T-shirt, depending on the time of year. As before, since navy works well with almost all colors, you have the option to choose the one you like best. But safe bets are black, gray, white and navy blue itself. White leather sneakers will help you round the look. You can also give it a personal touch with your favorite sneakers.

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