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Monday to Friday: Zara offers ideas to go elegant every day

Zara editorial primavera/verano 2018

With elegance daily as an aspiration, Zara proposes a series of inspiring smart and smart casual looks in its editorial for spring/summer 2018.

On Monday to Friday, Zara forms outfits, both for the office and for leisure, using pieces suchas navy blue bats, striped shirts and plaid trousers.

The editorial offers you an excellent idea to replace the American ones in your spring looks while protecting yourself from the threat of the rain: the raincoat.

Combined with a white dress shirt and navy blue trousers, this camel trench coat creates a classic effect, but at the same time provides a pleasant personal touch.

On these lines you can see the two most casual proposals of the editorial. In the first image they team up a biker jacket and a white sweater with a perkins collar. A casual look, but that manages to emanate those elegant vibes pursued by the publisher thanks to the cleanliness of the jersey and, above all, the always sophisticated turtleneck.

Another idea to form a casual and elegant look is this one. Navy blue knit parka and cream smart polo on top; and a cropped trousers with white tweezers (not without daring) on the top.

As far as tailoring is concerned, checkered costumes (Scottish and window) are made with all the prominence of this editorial.

Suits designed for the warm months due to the lightness of their fabrics and the faded shades of gray and navy. Consider the first option if the occasion lends itself to a look with a little sparkle; and the second to offer a more professional image, for example at an important meeting.

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