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How to wash the car

To have a good maintenance of our vehicle we need to know how to wash the car. There are people who question whether it is better to wash by hand or car wash at a gas station. As we know, it is important to wash the car frequently so that dirt does not accumulate. If we allow dirt to accumulate over time, it can affect rust areas of the body part and even chassis areas. When the paint starts to jump it is because of corrosion and dirt.

Therefore, we will dedicate this article to tell you everything you need to know to learn how to wash the car.

Wash the car in car washes

We know that a dirty car also strongly affects the performance of headlights, sensors and cameras of the cars they bring equipped. No matter what method you use to clean your car, while you finish with a good result. Both using car wash and human washing has its pros and cons. Let’s analyze what are the advantages and cons of washing your car in car washes.

When we go to car wash locations we can see that the hair on the rollers are not in suitable conditions for intensive use. These brushes in poor condition may result in some damage to the body of our vehicle. In the washing stations by yourself requires more time and effort. Therefore, let’s analyze the best method to learn how to wash the car having the best advantages.

The ideal action to wash the car in car wash is for the one who leaves or arrives from it. Some brushes may be in an unsuitable condition and may scratch the paint. This causes plastic debris to come out that may look like scratches. Almost all parts of the brushes are made of polyethylene. This is a material very similar to those that textiles have. When coordinated with proper irrigation, there is usually no complete risk to vehicle paint. However, there are many complaints that come from scratches that usually come from other reasons. For example, there are grains of sand or dirt that are very intricate or even dirt from the old car. These dirtiest parts have not been properly evicted and remain on the brushes.

As a result of the shabby brushes we find subtle scratches on the body. Therefore, a tip to be able to properly wash your car in a car wash is on a rainy day. These days we know that the body will be softer and partly the dirt will be shed. Another advice before starting to wash the car in the car wash is to give it a pre-wash. In this way, you remove surface dirt and dreaded grains of sand and can scratch the paint.

Tips for learning how to wash the car in a car wash

Let’s see what are the main tips we left to learn how to wash the car in a car wash:

  • Use a correct program: when we are going to choose the car wash program we must choose the one that is right. It will depend on our budget in the weather right now. In winter, it is more advisable to use an active foam wash, warm wax and low wash. The price of these washes is around 5 euros. The most intensive can cost up to 15 euros.
  • Put the car in the correct position: we must keep in mind that you need to close the windows and sunroof, if any. We need to deactivate the windscreen wipers and the rain sensor. We need to use the central locking as we will prevent the fuel cap from opening half the wash. We also recommend folding the mirrors and removing the radio antenna, if possible. The instructions for each car wash are specified on a sign.
  • After car wash measurements: dry immediately with a microfiber scarf to avoid unwanted traces of water. It is also advisable to exceed areas that are difficult to reach by hand such as the seals of the doors, bonnet and trunk. It is advisable to wash all the windows with glass cleaner.
  • Mobile or static car wash: Whatever the way you have the car wash, the result is usually the same. In both cases similar cleaning products and the same material with which the brushes are constructed are used.
  • Complaints: If any damage occurs you must immediately call a person in writing and signed.

Hand wash station

This is another of the tips we have left to learn how to wash the car. It is a more individual alternative. In it, everyone washes the car by himself taken as long as it requires. For cars with some years it is highly recommended to use this type of cleaning. Paint suffers less than washing tunnels. It usually has various irrigation systems and cleaning utensils. In many cases you can use your own products if you prefer. Here it is highly recommended to use a pre-wash bottom before you can apply the soap.

Let’s see what are the steps to follow:

  • Basic car wash: Pressurized water is used to remove surface dirt.
  • Car Soap Wash: This is about soaping and rubbing with the brush.
  • Car Rinse: Plenty of water is used to remove all soap.
  • Car drying: It is used to prevent them from having marks and it is better to do it by hand.

Tips for learning how to wash the car

Let’s talk to you some of the tips to leave your car perfect condition. In the next few months after washing, you may make numerous journeys with your vehicle. However, it is advisable to perform a thorough cleaning as winter effects may leave deep traces on the vehicle. Let’s see what are the main tips:

  • Leave it perfect on the outside
  • Clean the trunk
  • Clean the car interior
  • thoroughly wash the rims and tires and check their pressure.
  • Take care of the moons to avoid breakages

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to wash the car correctly.

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