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How to mark abs

As we know, in the world of gym and fitness there are numerous hoaxes that try to cloud the true vision of this world. The main goal of these hoaxes is to make money at the expense of consumer ignorance. And it is that one of the muscle groups that carry the most lies and myths is the abs. People want to have a good physique for summer and having a six pack is something fundamental for them. Many people are wondering how to dial abs as quickly as possible.

No lies, no myths, with only the truth, I’ll tell you in this article how to mark abs.

The importance of the fat percentage

One of the important aspects when it comes to sit-down is the fat percentage. Most people get to do sit-ups endless in gym sessions. You’ll probably have seen many people train abs 5 days a week. And the abdominals have to be treated like one more muscle.

All muscle groups need to establish an adequate training volume depending on the level and goal you are looking for. It is not the same to have a basic level in terms of strength capacity, muscle mass and fitness experience, than being an advanced. The margin of muscle mass gains is higher in those novice people. Therefore, they are the first to think that, by training abs daily, they will have the six pack in a month.

Nothing further from reality. The real truth is, if you don’t have a low fat percentage, you can do all the abs you want, that you will never be seen. And it is that fat from the abdomen is what is responsible for plugging our abs. Especially in men it tends to store more fat in the abdomen. There are quite a lot of people who have good abs but their body fat doesn’t allow them to see them.

For this, a stage known as definition is performed. The definition stage consists in establishing a caloric deficit by diet and increasing cardiovascular exercise. Along with the exercise of weights in the gym we establish a phase of fat loss. Losing fat from the abdomen, we will uncover the abs.

How to mark abs if you are a novice

One of the main drawbacks of performing a stage of muscle definition is the low amount of muscle in the body. And there are many people who, as soon as they start to cover a little, begin a stage of definition. Normally, the definition stages end with a drop in performance in the gym, increased tiredness, increased hunger and little ability to improve. During this stage when we have a caloric deficit we do not improve in the gym. Nor can we gain muscle mass as a calorie surplus is needed.

For all these reasons newbies are not recommended to focus on the six pack. Although aesthetically marking abs can look beautiful in the face of summer, it is of no use to have good abs if the rest of the body you have it without any muscle mass. To make them look like abdominals you have to lower their fat percentage to percentages around 10 -13%, depending on each genetics. If you define up to this low fat percentage, if you do not have a good amount of muscle mass, you will look excessively thin. In addition, you will be damaging your health as body fat has a great fundamental role in the hormonal environment.

By losing quality and muscle tone due to being too defined we get it to look much worse physically. Not only will we be physically worse, but we’ll also be worse in health. The definition stage for sit-marking should only be done when you have a high muscle tone.

How to mark sit-ups at the stage of volume

What is not taken into account is doing sit-ups at the volume stage. This bulking stage is also known as muscle mass gain phase. It is the stage in which we form muscle from slow but progressive growth. To establish a phase of muscle mass gain we need a caloric surplus in the diet. That is, eat more calories than are spent continuously and sustainably over time. In this way, we gain weight while that weight is muscle mass, water, glycogen and fat.

Yes, how you read well, it is inevitable and gain fat if we want to gain muscle mass. One of the main mistakes people make in the gym is not to perform abs during the volume phase. And it is that, during this phase, you do not have a good visualization of your abdomen since you are clogged. Therefore, they usually do abdominal exercises at the definition stage. The problem of this is that during the definition phase there is no development of muscle mass. This makes, as much as we do abs, they’re not going to grow. This stage only serves to lose excess fat.

If during the volume phase you have not established a good abdominal routine, be sure they will not grow. Abdominals have to train them like any other muscle group. This is where you need to introduce the training variables: volume, intensity and frequency. Depending on the level you are having in the gym (novice, intermediate, advanced) you can train a greater number of sets a week of abs.

A general recommendation is as follows:

  • Novices: between 6 and 9 series a week, divided into two sessions (frequency 2).
  • Intermediate: between 9 and 15 series per week, divided into two sessions (frequency 2)
  • Advanced: between 16 and 22 series per week , divided into three sessions (frequency 3)

If you train your abs with this range of series to repetitions between 15 and 25, during the volume phase, you can have abs when you perform the definition stage.

I hope with these tips you know how to mark abs. If you have questions about training and nutrition send me a direct to Instagram: @German_entrena. I am a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, I hope to help you.

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