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How to make a toupee

Among the most daring and different hairstyles that set a trend or simply stand out over the others is the toupee. The toupee was worn in fashion in the 80’s and currently retro fashion also favors it again. However, it is a type of hairstyle that needs compliance with some basic steps to make it right for you.

In this article we will explain all the steps to follow to get the best toupee for men and do not fail to try and end up creating new rare hairstyles. Do you want to know how to make a toupee? Keep reading.

Ideal toupee

Toupee is a fairly developed type of hairstyle and with different techniques and approaches. You can use the toupee style of the 80s or the new ones that revolutionize the style. It is advisable to mix them with a good gradient so that the diversity in the hair increases considerably. This diversity is what attracts the most and the one that best favors the look of a man who, mixed with a well-groomed beard (see How to Grow a Beard), will make you a great deal.

As with almost all trends, they end up going out of fashion. Even toupees are still wearing fashionable, so we can squeeze them something else. Last season he also gave enough to talk about.

The most basic toupee requires some care and requirements so you can have it perfect. Let’s move on to analyze every step.

Steps to make a toupee


The length of the tupee is essential when it comes to making our hairstyle. It seems obvious, but keep in mind that the hair grows and that our hairstyle may last us very little time. Therefore, the length of the tupee has to be controlled. It can not be too short (as it could not be done well or would be very ridiculous), nor very long (since it would last a short time).

The proportion of the toupee to the rest of the hair is also a condition. We can’t have very short hair on the rest of the head and have the toupee of an exaggerated size. Without a cut that fits the ideal proportions, our cut may be a total failure.

It is necessary that the cut is progressive, from the shortest on the nape part to the longest on the bangs. The length of the hair will need to grow gradually to give it better styling. If we put measurements, the ideal is that the hair closest to the forehead measures about 10 cm or less and more than 5 cm. If you do not want to leave your hair so long, we can opt for a hairstyle effect with razor and layers.

We prepare the scalp

We have to look well so that, when we have the toupee done, it does not spoil or come down with the slightest movement we make or there is something strong breeze. To avoid such situations the first thing we have to do is give volume to our hair. We prepare it for the appearance to improve and endure on its own to some adverse conditions.

A recommended practice is to dry our hair using a towel after the shower and give it shape little by little. In addition, with this technique we make the hair not weed us. We’ll be preparing our hair to take resistance and can hold what he’s wearing in the toupee.

For those who have hair already long enough to comply with the above measures, it is better to dry your hair while we place your head looking at the floor. That’s how we’ll be giving it volume by rubbing with your fingertips. Gravity will help us to hair do not get weighed down, which is what could destroy our hairstyle.

Give hair volume

Sometimes it is not enough with the volume that our hair has in general shape, but we have to give it more extra using some kind of volumizing foam. Not only will we be giving you a better volume and look, but also give consistency to our hairstyle.

We should not pass with the foam because it can spoil the effect. You just need a small portion to shape the toupee with our fingers. We should not root them, but from half to create eggs and make our hair gaining volume.

Use the dryer

Thanks to the dryer we can shape our toupee and we can adjust it the way we like it best. Let’s not forget that, despite the fact that toupee is a predetermined hairstyle, we can all give it our personal touch so as not to look like we wear the same as others.

We can give it a more rounded face, turn it to the side or make the hair point more upwards. To help us create better shapes we will use a brush that has the round tips and comb it at the same time as we will give you the air from the dryer. This is how it will allow us to better adjust the shape from strand to strand.

Personal touch

The next step is totally optional, but at the same time it is the one that can make a difference with other toupee hairstyles. This step will depend entirely on the density of your hair and the length of the tupee. If you have too straight hair, you will not be able to hold the toupee for a long time. In these cases, the best thing we can use is hair wax. We should not use it in large quantities because we will achieve the same effect as we want to avoid. The wax will make the hair weigh more and the toupee won’t hold.

This step is done after you give it with the dryer and as long as the hair is completely dry. Be careful not to crowd a lot of wax on one side, but distribute it as best as possible.

Finally, we can also apply lacquer on the front of the hair so that it remains intact longer.

I hope that with these tips you can enjoy your toupee and make the style with a difference.

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