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How to help a gay child come out of the closet

There are many testimonies from people who discover that many of their friends or family are homosexuals, but the problem does not come when they know they are, but that person so close suffers because of their identity. We talk about this kind of suffering not because of feeling guilty for what they are, but for not becoming accepted by a society around them.

This fact can happen and more closely, when you find out that your child is the protagonist of this change of sexual romanticism. It is clear to think that parents are the ones who are far from admitting such relationships, but there is a lot of them who admit this position because of respect for sexual freedom, and more about their own children. That is why they try to help a gay son come out of the closet.

Help get out of the closet

Many people close to a loved one who maintains this type of orientation have received the news, either personally, in an unusual way, or rather sensed it. The thing is that in many of these cases always try to look away, others are not surprised or for others it produces a shock effect of great magnitude.

To admit that a person is homosexual is accepting his freedom and that is the first step in helping. Seeing that he can become a safe person and observe from the zero minute that it is natural, conveys confidence to that person. All the support you can provide transcends is to give a lot of calm and more security.

How to help a gay child come out of the closet

The issue can be complicated when the figure of parents have to admit their children’s homosexuality. Many parents do not accept this orientation in front of hand, as prejudice and discrimination towards homosexuals continue to exist and even more if they notice that their child is one of them. We are facing a society that gradually admits respect and happiness for each person, but there is still a way to theorize this fact as a benchmark of mockery.

It all starts with a ‘I love you’ and ‘I want you to be happy’. It is the magic words so that a child is a child or teenager, can understand all the support of his parents.

In advance, you’re probably before the news of being one of the parents who knows, or think they know that your child is attracted to same-sex chic @s. In the next step you need to know how to handle this situation so that it is not harmful to anyone.

Trust is the main goal so your child is not afraid of rejection. It may be a situation that is difficult to assume many parents, but they should primarily try to assume this fact and trust their children . If you want to know how to best channel this situation read this article.

You should know that if they are in a teenage stage, we must understand that they are in their time to become more suspicious than ever in their private life. They fear they will be reprimanded for commenting on any fact that is not normative.

Gradually within the dynamics of trust it is important to note that before a small problem or concern they should always trust their parents first. This will be vital, because in time they will find some compromised situation useful and have to turn to us.

Over time they must communicate that great commitment that they are attracted to someone of their same sex. If they do not, we will be the ones who will give truce to these questions with the ability to feel that they will answer us without fear and tell their reality.

We can accompany this feeling with reading, watching movies and recognizing truthful facts today. All this emphasizes that he is aware of this situation and that you feel unconditional and sympathetic support in the face of such facts. In this way you will feel accompanied and understood.

Why take such measures?

We must conclude that this is a fact that happens and will happen over many years. Our sexual orientation has not changed from day to day, it is something that happened many years ago and much were punished for it.

Today our society is much more flexible with the way each person wants, but there are still discrepancies. That is why many teenagers suppress these feelings for fitting much better into a society. This eventually causes depression, anxiety, and mental health problems.

It is important that they feel family support, it is the priority and fundamental. They feel that security and the relief of expressing their sexuality in the same way as if they were heterosexual. In conclusion, paternal love prevents it from relapse into depressions and addictions.

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