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How to dress elegant

Dress in an elegant way is a symbol of identity, it is to wear the right clothes that gives us that impression of going well dressed and with taste. On more than one occasion you sure wanted to find the occasion to go elegant and did not know how to combine some garments. That is why in articles like this you can find some of your answers.

In Men with Style we have ideas for those little doubts, so you know how to separate your own logic of wearing some garments with others, to know how to take care of your appearance and make it clear what you have to buy and what you can bet on.

How to buy properly?

If your choice is to have stylish clothes in your wardrobe you should know that choosing the right garment is not to buy massively polos, shirts and pants type chino. In the closet should not miss important pieces such as bats or whole suits.

Do not forget that having elegant clothes does not mean constantly buying new clothes, or buying branded clothes and wearing their logos, or wearing ties as well, or planting a suit in any way.

The first steps to stylish dress is to know what lifestyle you have and what kind of clothes you need for each occasion. It is not the same to go for a walk as going to an important event, every occasion and every moment counts and choosing the right garment as well.

When it comes to shopping you have to look for clothes that are in tune with your body and personal taste. You have to know your body well and know with your own discretion what clothes are good for you. We know that there are garments that because of its shape and design is not the same in a low or tall person or with a strong or thin complexion, that is why you have to know how to choose with dedication.

Basic tips for that elegant garment

  • It is not boring or classic to choose basic items. It is not synonymous with tired but rather it is a small guarantee of not making mistakes and that you will always have that garment to match with any other.
  • When choosing colors you can always bet on classic s colors: blue, gray, beige, brown, black and white. If it can be, bet on colors that are not too squeaky, as you will be more successful with soft and sober colors.
  • Always buy the garments of your size. It is a mistake to see that the garment is something wide or too small. If you may not have the option to buy your size and it is too large, notice that you may have the option to make a small arrangement with the help of a dressmaker.
  • Buying clothes that are fashionable is a good option, but notice that it can look good, because everyone does not have the same garment or another. It must fit your personality and tastes, because if you disentona it can become uncomfortable for you.

Choose your clothes elegantly

There are basic items that can not be missing in your wardrobe, as we have said, it is important to choose classic and soft colors and do not go out of fashion:


Don’t forget to buy white shirts, they always work great both casual and elegant. If you choose to choose a color that is rather soft colors, without any pattern or print. A highlight is that a shirt must always be well ironed, it is a form of elegance.

If they might always be tucked inside the pants and long sleeves. If you opt for a shirt that has to be worn outside, make sure that it is tight and does not cover the front or back of the pockets.

The pants

The chino pants are the most worn as they combine in an elegant and casual way. They are the symbol of dressing well and elegantly, they are very versatile and look elegant with polos and shirts tucked inside. The colors you can bet on are the warm colors although you can’t help but have one in navy blue.

If you choose to wear jeans, we have to tell you that they are also elegant, if they may be narrow and single color and dark. Broken, worn or too many rivets or ornaments are not stylish.


Dress jackets are the ones that give that primordial touch of elegance. The suit jacket is the most bet on and the most chosen colors range from dark ones such as black, blue or navy.

The blazers have a slightly more modern and sporty tuning, but they are still stylish and perfectly match with jeans and tweezers. The fabric and final finish of this type of jackets is the term of the great elegance that gives these garments. Always bet on those fabrics that do not wrinkle easily and are always looking impeccable.


Betting on dress shoes is the best alternative. We have the classic loafers, loafers or shoes with pins and if they are brown or brown they will always be the best choice. It is not advisable to wear sneakers, although there are already some brands and models on the market that give that touch of elegance.

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