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Hairstyles of long hair

There are hairstyles of long hair that create passions and envy. And it’s not for less, men know how to take great care of their mane and feel that way of how to wear the best hairstyle for them. For other men they don’t mind betting on new hairstyles and for this we have the best selection of which ones can help you feel handsome.

For men of this century they practically wear all styles of hairstyles, there are endless styles for every occasion and you can bet on trying new hairstyles. You can choose from free hair to collected or semi-collectedhair. Hairstyles with braids although they are very little seen are also being seen lately and is that the half-skinned heads with bows are very cool and cosmopolitan.

Hair floor

So without further, whether it is smooth, wavy or curly. With a strip in the middle or a strip aside. And is that there is nothing more attractive than the free fall of the floor hair, because it gives a great appeal and creates very personality.

The hair that most triumphs is the surfer style, if you want to get a hairstyle so you can use a few tints or use simple tricks, what works very well to have a natural wavy are salt-based sprays.

If your hair is long above the shoulders it is ideal to mark it with a little foam. Also work great combing it back especially if it is smooth, this hairstyle will give elegance and sobriety. The wet effect on the hair is also very sophisticated.

Hair fastened with bandana or hair band

There are men who choose to hold their hair with bandana through the forehead, letting the hair fall freely to the side or in the case of having length that falls freely on the shoulders, this shape will mark a hippie style.

Hair collected with rubber in the form of a pigtail is also presented differently. We have the low ponytail which is the easiest way to place for an occasional moment and we have the formal format. This ponytail is delicately combed back and even getting rubberized with a well-made and firm grip on the top. And is that this hairstyle is now creating more hobby among men, as many men bet on wearing it with the sides of the shaved head and with a groomed beard.


This kind of pick up is the one that many men bet on, since there are no excuses to wear such a hairstyle even if it seems feminine. The hair is still loose, it is only collected from the sides making a ponytail on the back. You will notice that it is the favorite hairstyle of many famous footballers. To finish this collection many men make the collection and give it a rounded or bun shape at the end of the ponytail.

Semi-collected with braid

If you like to go far beyond the collected ones, you can opt for this style and combine them with a braid that will be born from the root of the hair. The technique consists in collecting three strands from the front or from one side of the head, and begin to braid them all together. When you finish catching hair on the hair, you can collect all the hair by tying it with a rubber band. This way you can already leave it in the form of a horsetail. At first it can be complicated, but over time you’ll get practice.

Bows for everything

These bows are collected at the top of the head. They are comfortable and casual, can be done informally and for any situation. There are two styles to wear it, either picking up all the hair and making that bun, or picking up half of the hair and forming a small bun on the top. It’s just free to pick up your hair and make that knot up.

Dreadlocks or braids

There are men who decide to wear long hair and collected in small braid, especially if the hair is too frizzy or frizz. Its way of wearing makes it much more sophisticated.

Another way to wear it is to opt for the famous dreadlocks, a hairstyle native to Africa and the Caribbean which expanded and gained many followers. These forms can be created by tangling the hair with your hands and a knitting needle to give that look like “spider’s legs” called dreadlocks.

For those who wear this trend style creates a lot of personality and can be worn with different hairstyles. They are not at all easy to maintain because they deserve a very special care in each way. We can pick them up in bows or making a high pick up, or as simple as leaving them loose. The long and collected dreadlocks with a shaving on the sides make you a unique and personal hairstyle.

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