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Hairstyles by Sergio Ramos

What do you think about Sergio Ramos’s hairstyles? We understand you, it’s very difficult to keep up with him. Accordingly, we would dare say that it is impossible (except perhaps for some fans) to remember them all and even more to place them in time. And is that the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team is one of the players who have undergone more look changes throughout his career.

In this way, it is not surprising that the collection of hairstyles of Sergio Ramos possess a variety that, on its own, could be enough to form the offer of hairstyles of any barber shop. In addition, being a footballer characterized by his bravery on the pitch, it is also not surprising that his hair bets often do not go unnoticed. For all this, Sergio Ramos’ hairstyles have become a media phenomenon.

Sergio Ramos’ numerous changes of look

If you are one of those who is always willing to try a new hairstyle, you will surely feel very identified with Sergio Ramos. His changes of look rival in number with their titles. And if anything can boast Ramos is trophies, both at the club and national level, and that is not counting the awards at the personal level.

The head office of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team has worn a wide variety of hairstyles. It has brought short hair (to the purest military style) and long, as in virtually all possible measures between one point and the other. Ramos also often changes shape: studied disheveled, stripe in the middle, lateral stripe, pointed… Dyes and wicks are a subject that has not escaped his interest either; Ramos dares with everything, even with platinum blond. Finally, there are the different volumes that it has been testing, carrying your hair more or less glued to your head depending on what you want most in each occasion.

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Sergio Ramos was very young for Real Madrid in 2005 after standing out at Sevilla Fútbol Club. In the white club he coincided with David Beckham. Fond of look changes and tattoos, Ramos would soon follow in the footsteps of his partner and friend. However, Real Madrid’s number 4 is not the only man influenced to a greater or lesser extent by Beckham, which you may like it or not, but it is undeniable that he has become a style icon.

Stripe in the middle or to the side?

Are you more striped in the middle or on the side? Most choose one of the two options depending on what is most flattering and keeps it for life (if hair loss does not prevent it), but when it comes to Sergio Ramos and his hair nothing is so simple. The location of the stripe is not far from among its most risky capillary operations, but, as expected, the Sevillian, who already has his own documentary series on Amazon Prime Video, titled ‘The Heart of Sergio Ramos’, has had no qualms to try the two options.

Among Sergio Ramos’ hairstyles we find a half mane with a stripe in the middle, which, on the other hand, is among his least celebrated bets. On the other hand, the acceptance of his hairstyles with side stripe seems to be quite higher, especially when the madridista crack adds a good beard as a complement, a matter, the density of the beard, in which, like that of hair, genetics is on their part.

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The undercut

To the stripe in the middle and side stripe you need to add the third option: hair back. Sergio Ramos has also not missed the opportunity to comb back. One of the capillary phases of the footballer consisted of an undercut, a style in which a large jump in length occurs between the bottom and the top. The upper part can be combed in different ways, being one of the bets of the footballer to wear it restyled back. Even on occasion we have been able to see him with a short bangs forward, but this seems to be the option that Ramos least likes, which is difficult to see with a hairstyle that does not involve wearing a clear forehead, either with the help of a stripe in the middle, side or combed back.

Super volume, your last bet

Exaggerated or successful? At her wedding to television presenter Pilar Rubio, Sergio Ramos accompanied her checkered jacket with a gradient haircut with lots of volume on the top, which generated divided opinions. If you’re one of the many hardcore toupees, it probably seems flattering to you. Instead, if you prefer more natural styles you might find yourself on the other side.

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