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Hair removal with thread

Today we are going to talk about a type of hair removal that has become fashionable over time. It’s all about hair removal with thread. There are many advantages offered by this type of hair removal. It is based on removing hair from the face and crisscross using strings that act as tweezers. It is the least painful version of wax removal. By being softer, you get the same result with a less irritating and better looking experience.

Do you want to know the features of hair removal with thread and the advantages they offer? In this post we tell you everything 🙂

History of hair removal with thread

Before starting to explain how it works and its features, let’s comment on where it comes from. It is a rather curious technique whose origin is not entirely clear. Most likely, their origin will come from the Middle East and Egypt. It is a very old practice that was used to remove excess hair on the face.

To depilate with thread you need a great skill. This skill is not taught to beauticians, but they are passing from generation to generation. Most of the technicians using yarn hair removal are from the Middle East or Asian origin.

What is the process?

When one wants to use this technique for hair removal, he needs an experienced technician. The expert in it only uses two threads to carry it out. They are usually performed in beauty salons, where the client lies at a table to relax while carrying out. The technician employs a large magnifying mirror so that on a platform you can see the hair well detailed.

Once the customer is positioned and well accommodated, the technician places the thread forming an X that twists in the center. In this way, it moves the thread back and forth in a controlled manner and holds against the skin. When performing gestures, the hair rows are pulled out in a quicker and easier way. In addition, it is much less painful than wax.

What does it feel to hair with thread?

Many people still do not venture to use this type of technique to remove excess hair on their face. The main cause of this is the fear of feeling a pain similar to wax. However, if we compare it with this technique, hair removal with thread is practically painless. It is a feeling similar to when you remove hairs with a clip, only it is done faster.

It should be mentioned that the pain depends on the area where you make the wax. In this case, pain increases when we use thread epilation in the most extreme areas of the upper lip. There the pain increases. When you finish doing this type of hair removal, there are many people who feel itching and small pains. But this is normal, since the skin has detached from the hair from the root. It is possible that during the hair removal process you will skip some tears through the continuous pulls.

On the other hand, there are those who use hair removal with thread for the legs below the knee. In these cases, it is not at all painful.

Possible risks

Although it is a fairly safe technique, the technician who performs it must be an expert. Otherwise it could hurt the user. On numerous occasions, if the pull of the thread is not done correctly, the hair may break rather than tear off the base. This makes the hair grow faster again. If it is not done well, the skin can also be damaged.

Therefore, it is important that before performing this hair removal you go to a professional center where they first inform you about it. If you want to learn this hair removal, you can practice on the legs, but never on the face.

Steps to do hair removal with thread

If we do this hair removal on our face, we can define our eyebrows and leave them looking nice. When going hair for hair, it is more accurate than waxing. Hair removal using the thread method can be performed even on the hairdressers of peaches. Therefore, it is considered a really effective and effective technique.

This gives the advantage of not needing to wait for your hair to grow to perform it. You can go to a salon to get the threads and go learning little by little.

Let’s show you the steps you need to learn the technique of the thread:

  • First, you need a cotton thread. They are cut approximately 60 cm and the ends are knotted to make a bow.
  • Next, we fasten the thread with one hand on each side. We wind the thread around itself about 10 times. The rolled part should be in the center.
  • Place the thread around the fingers of both hands and push the wound part to the side. This is done with the separation of the fingers of one hand by closing the fingers of the other hand. The process is repeated with the other hand to push the rolled part in the other way.
  • Go practicing as you push the wound part of the thread by moving it to one side and to the other. Once you start flowing easily, you’ll be mastering the technique. Use the strands to remove the hairs.
  • On the chair we can sit down to practice with the hairs on our leg. To do this, we place the thread on the hair we want to remove. We push the rolled part from side to side.

If with the passage of time we practice and learn well to remove our hairs on our legs, we can try it on the face. Keep in mind that it is a dangerous process if we do not do it correctly.

As you can see, hair removal with thread is a rather sophisticated technique and with great efficiency. Good luck to those who want to learn about it 🙂

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