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Four body creams to improve your hygiene routine

Do you feel like you take less care of the skin on your body than your face? If the answer is yes, consider adding some of these body creams to your standard moisturizer in your daily hygiene routine.

Products that prevent aging, moisturize very dry areas, relax the body and maintain in an optimal state one of the most important parts of the body – the hands. Here are the effective body creams that we propose below:

Anti-aging Body Cream

Crema corporal antienvejecimiento

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Mr Porter, 100.27€

If you use anti-aging creams on your face, why not do it also on the body? This fast-absorbing cream promotes skin rejuvenation and creates a protective barrier against free radicals. You can use it daily (better at night) or reserve it for those days when your skin looks drier and tired due to environmental factors such as wind gusts or office heating.

Relaxing Body Cream

Crema corporal relajante

Dr. Hauschka

Mankind, 29.95€

It includes a relaxing body cream like this in the night part of your stress relief hygiene routine with its lavender and sandalwood scent, while ingredients like avocado oil moisturize and soften your skin.

Body cream for the driest areas

Crema corporal para las zonas más secas


Notino, 66.57€

Sometimes standard body creams are not enough to nourish the driest areas of the body (elbows, for example). Confort Extrême Crème Corps is designed to solve that problem. Combine with your standard body cream for full hydration.

Hand balm

Biotherm, 12€

Hands deserve special attention in the hygiene routine, especially after sports or spending the day on the mountain. It includes a hand balm in your hygiene arsenal to avoid roughness and hardness with its nourishing oils and other ingredients that are beneficial to the good condition of the hands.

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