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Folk remedies for the face of the man of the 21st century

remedios naturales para el rostro

The man of the 21st century takes care of the skin of his face. This involves the use of natural and commercial products and remedies for the repair, nutrition and treatment of the epidermis.

It is no longer uncommon to see very male gentlemen preparing masks to improve the look of their face. That is why it’s time to learn some folk remedies for the face.

As with women, there are mixtures for all skin types and problems: oily complexion, pimples, exfoliation, dryness,etc. Of course, everything will depend on the particular characteristics of each man.

Avocado Mask

Its main function is to nourish the dry complexion. Basically, the only thing necessary is an avocado and a small spoonful of olive oil. The important thing is to mix both ingredients until a uniform paste is formed. Then we leave for 15 minutes and rinse well.

Cucumber and red apple mixture

Unlike the first, this one is dedicated to oily skin. To prepare the solution, we will attach half a cucumber and half a red apple. Both fruits should be crushed and then add an egg white and a little lemon juice to it. By attaching everything, we place it on the face for about 10 minutes maximum and then stir it with warm water.

Mask based on yogurt

This is one of the best folk remedies for the male face. We only require 3 tablespoons of yogurt, two sugar and a little lemon juice. When mixing them will form a paste that we will apply on the face; at first we will massage and let stand for 5 minutes. As we can see, this is a kind of homemade scrub.

remedios cara

Remedies Homemade for the face: hazelnut scrub

We should onlylook for hazelnut flakes, with a little honey and lemon juice. This preparation we will let it act for 20 minutes and at first massage in a circular form. This can be washed with cold water.

Taboos must remain in the past: today’s society requires men concerned about their aesthetic care.

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