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Clothing from the 90s

The decade of the 90s was another one of those that set a trend. His style stood out for being relaxed, rebellious but also minimalist. It was a few years when we will not forget the introduction of the grunge phenomenon, with the dress of the first slippers and that half-hippie style.

Rock and rap bands also dented with their styles and television series such as Sensation de Vivir, Friends or the Prince of Bel-Air marked fashion and introduced themselves with urban clothing. What stood out the most in this decade? Surely we won’t forget the checkered shirts, the bomber jackets or when we showed the navel.

Will we see your style again? Surely yes, trends are coming back and the designers themselves inspire some of their creations with small fashions that marked preference in those decades. Because they liked it and if they re-recreate it is because they continue to like and always be will do with a new current rally.

The attire of the 90s

The top

Plaid Shirts

These types of shirts were spacious, loose and formalized the grunge style of the time. The singer of Nirvana appeared as inspiration for this type of shirts and became dressed by women.

How were these shirts wearing? Some were betting to wear her tied to the waist. They were combined with broken jeans, usually tied and if they were open, they were complemented by a white T-shirt underneath.

Printed T-Shirts

Young people loved to wear these spacious t-shirts, with torn high-waisted jeans or bermuda shorts. Its cotton composition, black or white, were printed with the drawings of our favorite rock groups, the round faces of the famous acid or thet-shirts with the logos of the well-known brands of skate.


Who doesn’t remember these windbreaker jackets? With its nylon fabric and colorful colors they combined without any kind of norm. They designed a retro sporty style and most could go in combination with sports trousers of the same fabric and color.

Tied blouses and tops

Women’s white shirts were worn and not loose, but tied to the waist. It was very fashionable to show the navel and that is why they sold and let themselves see the short tops leaving the waist outdoors.

Bomber jackets

They were common to see them in leather and also of fabric. They were almost perfect and everyone had one, as they glued with almost any add-on.

Leather jackets with zip

They were certainly created for bikers, to isolate the air and give protection. But they began to give life to their designs and designed the leather jackets with zippers, with rivets, studs, and some drawings like skulls on his back

The pants

They wore jeans with a high waist and the wide belts also invaded the fashion of the 90s. There were many famous people who were photographed with Mom pants, they are blue without being washed to stone or fade, very baggy in excess on the part of the zipper, crotch and leg.

If we have something to highlight is that they were worn loose, with great comfort and with a broken and worn look. The denim part could also be seen on their jackets with many embroidery and patches.

Jeans bibs were also fashionable, many of them looked with one of their drooping straps to one side. We can remember Will Smith in the series Prince of Bel Air.


Platform shoes were already beginning to set a trend, and something we can not forget are the famous Dr. Martens boots . They were an icon of rebellion and a sign of identity for punk looks. The celebrities who influenced most with their fashion were Wynona Ryder and Gwen Stefani.


Fanny Packs

They are that complement or bag that is tied at the waist, they looked for any complement and could also be worn crossed over the shoulder. Today he has returned to our stores and many brands and franchises bets on them.

Wallets or wallets with chains

I’m sure you remember the famous wallets tucked into the back pocket of your trousers and with a chain that sticks out and hooks on one of the trousers loops.

Handkerchiefs or headbands

Scarves were also the essential accessory. It could be worn folded covering the forehead or open tied at the neck giving the pirate shape. The singer Aaliyah already swept this style and looked at it at all times creating a trend.

Fluorescent supplements also became fashionable. They marked their heyday for the entry of spring-summer and some models were too recharged to wear. I couldn’t miss detail even in plugins.

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