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Christmas jumpers for the whole family

Our Christmas comes with that touch of fun and joy adding as extravagant add-ons as Christmas jumpers. They conquer any event, as their designs are the expected time both for family reunions and to take it to the office or to work.

The options and drawings are endless, all franchises and many of the shops are already committed to having for sale clothes with Christmas motifs. We can even find the same drawings so that all members of the family can dress the same . The options are endless… snowdrops, Christmas motifs, funny drawings, Santa Nöel or the typical Swedish mountain sweaters. Discover all the variety with the selection we have prepared for you.

Christmas jumpers for the whole family

Sharing Christmas with our family is the best gift. Although this Christmas is not appropriate to celebrate with loved ones who are not around, we can look for moments of joy with those who are still at home. We can dress up in clothes designed for your Christmas motifs to send souvenirs and congratulations to our friends and family.

These jumpers have that detail that already created fashion in 2011 by some students from the University of San Diego. As a detail they decided to collect the most ridiculous Christmas sweaters to wear them. Now it is a trend that everyone copies, so it adopted the name “ugly sweater”. In Spanish we translate it into ugly jerseys, although not all those sold have to be so exorbitant or extravagant.

In our stores we can find garments with pompoms, reliefs, bows, jingle bells, lights and Christmas prints with eye-catching colors. They are the essential components to be able to wear a sweater of these characteristics.

There are online stores that provide these garments that provide all the charm of this Christmas. They are made of comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics to make them cozy to touch and cold.

It also offers the possibility of jerseys that instead of wool are made of polyester, another fabric that also provides comfort and warmth. No one is missing with that fun reason so they can be carried away by the whole family. The sweater on the right of the photo is sold on Amazon and has up to 38 Christmas motifs so you can choose the one you like best.

The Kiabi franchise brand also has Christmas garments, made from fine but synthetic wool, made of polyester and acrylic. We don’t have to expect a high price, because they don’t exceed the majority of €10 something that makes our pocket happy to enjoy a fun time.

The website Jerseys Navideños has its store dedicated to the sale of these garments as reasons for these holidays. They dedicate their sections so that you canenthusiastically ompress the same garments for all members of the family and thus be able to wear the same garment.

H&M also bets like every year on the sale of clothes with Christmas motifs. Although their motives are not the same for the whole family, you can choose to have different models without spending a lot of money, and for all ages and sexes.

In the photo above we have the white sweater for women with sequins motifs, the other blue with the Christmas tree is for men. The two below are designed with more children’s drawings, as they are sold for children and much more endearing.

And what do you think of Christmas sweaters with the theme of your favorite film? These garments are designed to break everything conventional to the “ugly sweater” and is that with this possibility you can repeat the next Christmas.

In the photo we have the fun drawing of Marvel for Deadpool lovers with that fun touch of humor. For fans of Star Wars you can also find models like the ones in the photo, I think for some it may be too geek. Harry Potter is also not missing as a Christmas theme, it includes original designs with its set of LED lights, a light on each candle.

And we can continue and not get bored with the number of models that we can find in our stores and websites. If you want to find ugly, lovely Christmas sweaters and not leave a lot of money you can find them in places like Primark, where they can be around 12€.

Other places of interest may be Kiabi how we have already shown you where their prices are very affordable. Lidl also offers every year a small collection in her Christmas clothes. If you decide to buy online you have the famous Aliexpress with countless models at less than 10€, if you have to buy in time and in advance to have your copy on time. Alibaba also offers cheap and ugly jerseys, just keep browsing and find your appropriate model for the occasion.

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