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Christmas Day: How to get a casual and sober look

Christmas Day food is one of the key commitments of the holiday season. However, it is a family meal, which is why it is not necessary to go super formal.

Form a casual but sober look will help you to look stylish and according to the situation. Here are some ideas on how to get it:

Upper: Comfortable and stylish layers

Mr Porter, 230 and 65€

Consider substituting the typical combination of jacket and shirt with a zippered jersey on a T-shirt. An option that will leave more space to your belly overlooking the usual food binge.

Pull & Bear, 17.99€

If you already wore a zippered sweater (or knitted in general) during Christmas Eve dinner, you may want to show another facet of your style. In this case, consider a shirt with a buttoned collar. Smooth models are the safe bet, but certain prints (e.g. moles) can also be too high. Wear it open on a T-shirt for a balance between comfort and style. A mix that works great on this holiday date.


Hug jeans

Zara, 19.95€

Adding a slim or straight leg jeans to the bottom of the look will help you continue to form a casual look, but without exceeding the line towards something excessively relaxed. To reinforce these vibrations, bet on smooth models in dark blue.

Shoes or sneakers?

Mr Porter, 485€

The choice of footwear remains to personal preferences of each person. And it is that in Christmas Day food both shoes and sneakers are suitable. If you bet on shoes, consider the Brogues. Desierto ankle boots will also help you complete the look in style.

Farfetch, 291€

In terms of sneakers, white leather models will continue to clean the rest of the pieces. However, we live in the golden age of sports, and a priori any style should work well.

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