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Cabins uva rays: tips and warnings

Uva ray cabins are that alternative so that many people can look like that beautiful tan on the body at any time of the year. It makes us look more attractive and that we have a much more well-groomed and healthy skin, although you have to keep an eye on a number of factors so that it can become healthy.

What factors can incite you to use a uva cabin? Everything will depend on the person and his task. Although mainly it is to have a tanned skin we have to say that many people emphasize to wear this type of skin before exposing their body in summer. Either to keep a tan all year round, or because there are people with lack of time or have no empathy with sunbathing.

Tips before using a cab uva rays

Before undergoing the first session of uva rays we must take into account the type of skin that is going to be exposed. As a general rule, if we are requesting sessions in a beauty center, it is responsible for the establishment that from experience tells you the type of treatment you need to follow.

Another important fact is that the person to be exposed must be of legal age. The permissible age is from 18 years of age and that is because undergoing uva rays before age 30 can increase up to 75% in contracting a melanoma on the skin.

The number of sessions and exposure time will be related to our skin type. You have to space the sessions, it is normal that in the first shots you leave a minimum of 4 days between each one. As you get more color you can get a little more together, although the minimum allowed is at least 48 hours.

All centers must have a tab where they write down your data next to your number of sessions and the exposure time in each one. In addition, you must sign a compliance and informative document, where you will agree with all the risks that may occur.

If you’re going to use a particular uva booth, maybe you should consider your skin phototype. It will help to know if there is the irrigation of some kind of burn and the exposure time you should wear in each session. If you need to know what type of phototype you have, you can enter this website that will indicate more precisely what steps you have to follow for your characteristics.

Before entering a cabin you must keep in mind that it is clean and working properly. A malfunction will cause us to undergo incorrect sessions and not giving us the uva rays in conditions.

Use protective glasses to cover your eyes, remove your contact lenses and remove all kinds of jewelry and metal objects. You also have to use any type of sun protection and your skin has to be completely clean and free of any kind of creams, deodorants or perfumes. The areas of the genital area or face may be sensitive so it is advisable to cover them so that they do not suffer.

Tips during and after a session

You don’t have to ever get wet inside a booth when you’re going to tan. If you notice that during the session your body temperature rises a lot or you notice that your skin is getting very red you have to interrupt the session.

When you’re out of a sunlight session never complement your tan with exposure to the sun. You also have to respect the intervals of at least 48 hours between two sessions of UVA rays.

Benefits of using uva rays

UVA booths allow you to get that uniform and long-lasting tan. The skin can show off a desired tan at any time of the year. UVA rays are harmful when we abuse their use, or we do not use it correctly, but it also has its advantages, as it is associated in everything related to dermatology and for some skin conditions is beneficial:

  • For skin with vitiligo works very well. Those who suffer from this condition have white spots on the skin all over their body. As a curative therapy can be applied phototherapy induced by the emission of narrowband UVB rays.
  • For the treatment of psoriasis. This skin disease has no cure, but your conditions can be alleviated with drug therapy combined with tanning booths. In this case they are not found in the solariums but are the grape lamps called PUVA.

However, always look for the best way to tan by making a restrated and responsible use. Abusing UVA rays has in the long run harmful consequences for the health of the skin, but if we do it correctly we can show off that beautiful tan that you like so much.

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