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Buttock exercises for men

When we talk about gluteal training it seems that it is something more unique or common in women. However, buttock exercises for men are also essential for good workout. If you’re one of those looking to go to the gym to have a strong and balanced body, you should include various buttock exercises in your routine.

In this article we will tell you all the features and what are the best buttock exercises for men.

Buttock Training


first thing we need to know is that the buttocks are a group of 3 muscles formed by the gluteus major, middle and minor. Although we believe that it does not have a functional and merely aesthetic goal, it is involved in multiple daily movements and activities. To this we add that it has an aesthetic function and becomes one of the areas that we are really interested in training. Not only should women have a good buttock aesthetically, but also men.

It is common to see that men skip buttock exercises in the routine because of their difficulty or feeling that it is not progressing enough. The aspect to consider when training buttocks, like any muscle, is diet. We can not gain long-term muscle mass if we do not have a caloric surplus in the diet. This means eating more calories than we use in our daily lives. Considering that our calorie consumption base of the highest than total expenditure, we will gain not only muscle weight, but also fat.

However, this body fat can be eliminated at a caloric deficit stage where we will perform a definition stage. This is where the muscles will become more defined and our percentage of body fat decreased.

Function of buttock exercises for men

The musculature of the buttocks is usually weakened by all the hours we spend sitting. Therefore, it is interesting to perform some previous activation exercises before performing gluteal exercises for men. For example, we can perform some knee activation exercises and do a retroversion of the pelvis several times. Here we contract the buttock forward and perform a couple of sets of 10 repetitions.

The anteversion and retroversion of the pelvis is what is very common in pilates but it is interesting to master it before starting. Retroversion is essential to work the buttock since the pelvis should always be upstairs. Pushing back and forth is the key to gluteal activation. It is not only necessary to do squats and deadlifts what are the most common exercises that are used in every athlete routine. They are two very good options that will help you improve your buttock apart from other leg muscles such as quadriceps and hamstrings.

Essential gluteal exercises for men

Let’s now make a summary of the list of buttock exercises for men that are essential and should be throughout the routine:

  • Hip Thrust: This exercise is commonly referred to as Hip Thrust and can be used without weight, with a band or with elastic bands, among others. It is a very versatile exercise and very good results are left. It is performed with a hip lift that includes retroversion of the pelvis, abdomen rectum and holding 90 degrees the knees. You should stay even one or two seconds up by squeezing the buttock.
  • Buttock Bead: It is done with an elastic band around the knees and use our own weight, or an elastic band. The methodology is the same as with the Hip Thrust.
  • Hip extensions in quadrupedia: As with previous exercises, it can be performed without weight, with an elastic band or sometimes on the machine known as multipower. It is usually used more often with an elastic band. Keep the abdomen inside and the lumbar area neutral to avoid injury.

Other interesting exercises for the core is the sliding curl on the floor or the curl with TRX. It is one of the most active exercises of ischios and joint gluten. We can do it both in your life and lowered and also with an extension of legs with a bending and lowering. This modality is somewhat harder but allows small progressions over time. One of the important aspects to take into account the essential buttock exercises is to establish a progressive overload. To know that we are improving the technique and progressing in the exercise we must know the variables of the training.

How to optimize results

Deadlift and squat are fundamental exercises in any leg routine. And it is that they involve a lot of muscle groups among what are hamstrings and quadriceps and gluteus. Squat is a very complete exercise that can help improve the buttocks noticeably. The same goes for the deadlift. The problem with these exercises is that it has a rather complex technique. For newbies it is recommended that a specialist this at all times close to correct posture. They are exercises with large improvement range and you can set progressive overload quite easily.

With the results obtained from these two exercises not only will we not give an improvement of buttocks, but the entire leg.

To know how to optimize the results of buttock exercises for men we need to know mechanical stress, metabolic stress and muscle damage. They are the most important variables that are responsible for developing hypertrophy. To establish an efficient mechanical stress we must maintain exercises that have few repetitions and high loads and others that have greater number of repetitions with a lower load. In this way we will ensure the recruitment of high-threshold motor units. These motor units are what, after all, will help the activation and proliferation of satellite cells that take care of dollar a nucleus for the improvement in protein transcription and increase stimulation of protein synthesis.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about what are the best buttock exercises for men.

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