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Benefits of walking

Something as simple as walking can give countless health benefits. There are many people who are in an undervalued fat loss process have the fact of walking. When talking about walking we are talking about even a walk at a normal pace. It has more health benefits than you can imagine. Therefore, we will dedicate this article to mention the different benefits that you get when walking.

If you want to know the benefits of walking, keep reading this post.

Walking for fat loss

When we face a stage of fat loss, we need to prioritize generating an energy deficit in our day to day. The sum of calories we eat through food has to be less than the energy we spend with our physical activity and our basal metabolism. To do this, there are such tools as a low-calorie diet and associated physical exercise. When we talk about physical exercise, we don’t mean exercise with weights and cardiovascular. However, walking does not fall into either of those two categories.

When we refer to a term known as NEAT, we are referring to physical activity that is not related to exercise. That is, in our daily, we walk to the shop to buy, climb stairs, walk the dog, etc. These activities also help to burn fat as they generate a caloric expenditure over time. If we manage to increase this NEAT, we can generate a greater energy expenditure in our daily without needing to perform demanding physical activity such as cardiovascular exercise (running, jogging, elliptical, bicycle, etc.).

Not only are we able to increase energy expenditure on foot, but we also benefit from numerous advantages.

Benefits of walking

We’re going to analyze one by one the benefits of walking.

Reduces the risk of being a hypertensive person

There are people who have blood pressure above normal levels, and if we walk frequently, it can help us reduce these blood pressure values.

Produces favorable effects on cholesterol

If we walk constantly day after day will also help us reduce LDL cholesterol levels (also called bad cholesterol) by also helping you reduce your body weight and stress.

Helps in the prevention of the onset of diabetes

Those people who eat in large amounts of sugar in their day to day and do not do any physical activity are more likely to suffer from diabetes. Therefore, a regular walk to which your body can process the chemicals in your body faster and so you may seem like this disease.

Improves sex life

Although it does not seem to have any relationship between it, sex and exercise are holding hands. There are several studies of women aged 45 to 55 who exercise more exercises, including daily walks, have reported that they have more sexual desire and more satisfaction.

Increase vitamin D levels

As we know, vitamin D can be incorporated through sun exposure. If we go for a walk during the day we can be benefited from that sun exposure. We remember that vitamin D plays a key role in many aspects of bone health and in the immune system. Let’s not forget that it is necessary to protect yourself from sunlight so that the skin is not damaged. However, an exposure for a short period of time daily is usually enough to produce the vitamin D that our body requires.

We also inferred vitamin D by food.

Helps to lose weight

If we walk even about 40-45 minutes at once we can start burning fat from 20-25 minutes after starting the walk. Walking a moderate step not only helps us burn accumulated fats but also helps us build muscle that serve to increase our metabolism.

Increasing basal metabolism is beneficial to generate a higher energy expenditure by simply staying alive. If we have a waste or greater energy at rest, we do not have to generate such a pronounced cut in calories in our diet.

Prevents obesity and cellulite deposits

These are one of the problems that most attack today’s society. We live in a global obesity pandemic and most women from a certain age have cellulite deposits associated with fluid and fat accumulation. If we walk hard and short for several times a day we can have the same effect as an aerobic endurance session. In addition, it helps maintain body weight and balances metabolism.

Contributes to taking fewer medications

Just walking half an hour a day, there are many people who suffer from depression and have managed to improve their mood. While walking you can reduce negative thoughts, rearrange your ideas, organize your day to day, reduce anger and tension , and thus mental fatigue. Studies have shown that this exercise favors the results of antidepressant medications.

Improves circulation

Among the benefits of walking we have an improvement in the circulation of our limbs, especially the lower ones. This is how we get the prevention of the appearance of varicose veins and keep all the organs of our body in good condition by having a good blood flow.

Tones legs, buttocks and abs

Walking can help shape the legs by giving a better definition to twins, hamstrings, quadriceps and lifting the buttock. If we also pay attention to the position as we are doing the walk, we can also tone your abs.

Walking is good for bone health

If we walk daily we will be stimulating and strengthening our bones, so we will increase bone density.

Combats breast cancer

Studies show that regular walks in women diagnosed with breast cancer are 45% more likely to survive than those who are inactive.

Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer

This has been proved since walks help to streamline digestion. This or prevents food that is not also digested from accumulating and the stool does not produce inflammations.

Strengthens the heart

By having increased blood pumping, we can reduce heart disease and strokes by up to 27%.

I hope these tips have served you to better know the benefits of walking.

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