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Back with dumbbells

The back is one of the muscle groups that make you look much larger. There are numerous exercises to work the back muscles and some are better suited to each person than others. There are people who prefer to work their back with dumbbells and others with a bar or on pulleys. Each exercise routine should be individualized at the objective level of the person.

Therefore, we will dedicate this article to tell you what are the best exercises for doing back with dumbbells so you can choose those that best suits you.

Diet to gain muscle mass

First of all we have to explain the main reason why many people work their back with its intensity but do not see results. The main mistake lies in the diet. For the muscle to grow it needs an energy surplus. This surplus is achieved with increased calorie intake in the diet. Our body consumes a certain amount of energy by internal metabolic processes and our external physical activity. If the calories we eat exceeds this caloric expenditure, we will be in what is known as energy surplus.

To gain muscle mass we must consume between 1.6 and 2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight and be in caloric surplus as long as possible. In addition, the principle of progressive overload must be applied in the various training variables. When all these bases are covered, it’s time to talk about what exercises are most indicated for working the back with dumbbells.

Best exercises for back with dumbbells

To work the back to which to divide the exercises into two parts. On the one hand, there are horizontal tractions, and on the other hand there are vertical pulls. Each type of pull exercise will cause different stimuli in all muscle groups belonging to the back. Working your back with dumbbells can be positive because we can emphasize the arm we have weakest. We always have one arm stronger than the other. If we do unilateral exercises we can compensate for the most lagging muscle groups.

Keep in mind that back exercises want to have strong forearms and biceps to be able to pull with an adequate weight to generate a stimulus that is sufficient for hypertrophy. Most people can’t pull more kilos on back exercises since forearms and biceps are limiting muscles.

Combine the different back exercises with dumbbells within a routine that also has specific exercises for the biceps and forearm. You can also use straps to improve grip and pull with more kilos. Among the most suitable dumbbell back exercises for beginners and intermediates we have the following:

Paddle with dumbbells

It’s the classic par excellence. To make the remote dumbbell, we must place ourselves with one hand resting on a stand, such as a bench, and with the other hand perform a vertical traction. We can perform traction with a degree of inclination of approximately 60 degrees to optimize the recruitment of the major round. The major round is one of the muscle groups belonging to support that is also visually developed here. It’s what makes you see more a V-shaped back

Cadence is the tempo in which each repetition is to be performed. Various studies have shown that as long as a repeat does not last more than 8 seconds, muscle mass gains are going to be similar. However, it is necessary to take into account each phase of the movement. In back exercises with dumbbells it is more advisable to perform a more controlled eccentric phase. This eccentric phase will help to perform a major stimulus on the biceps and forearm so that it stimulates the major round.

Back with dumbbells: Seal row

This exercise is done by lying on your stomach on a bench or pulling your head out. We can tilt the bench about 45 degrees to increase the travel range. In this way, we can lean with our feet strongly to stabilize and with both hands we perform a pulling movement of both dumbbells at once. The ideal is to recruit our arms to the maximum without getting to take off the chest from the bench.

The key points in this exercise are as follows:

  • Keep your feet pushing to the ground at all times.
  • Active core.
  • We get air and pull out the chest as we bring the dumbbells towards us.
  • Do not take off the body from the bank.
  • Perform a slowed and controlled eccentric phase.

It is normal for these types of exercises to be more demanding for forearms and grip. Therefore, it is advisable to make rest of approximately 2 minutes so that the grip is not a limiting between series and series. We should not forget that the intensity of exercise should cause the number of repetitions to be close to muscle failure.

Paddle with sloping dumbbell

It is very similar to the previous one, but with the variant of the inclination of the legs. We must make an inclination of the legs to be placed at 90 degrees relative to the horizontal. The type of stimulus to wear your back is different from traditional dumbbell rowing. In addition, this exercise can be performed with a traction of the two dumbbells at once and without any support. On the traditional dumbbell rowing we lean on the bench.

By not leaning on the bank we have to keep in mind that the lumbar area will bring more stimulus. This is one of the reasons why fewer kilos can be moved in this exercise.

Sword with dumbbells: push-ups

This exercise is more stabilizing and fewer loads can be moved. The position is the same as in the chest push-ups, but we will put the dumbbells supported on the floor neutral exposure. Alternatively we will perform traction with one arm while we rest the other. All these exercises are very convenient to perform at home without hardly material.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the best exercises for working back with dumbbells.

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